📌 Character Generator: for storytellers

📌 Character Generator: for storytellers

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Character Generator is a simple app that generates a character with a full name, gender, ethnicity, three traits, and two interests. You can select a gender and/or ethnicity, or leave them random. And if you get a good one, you can save it to come back to it later!

Please note that this app generates names in a given name, surname format. Ethnicities that don’t use a given name, surname format will not be included.

2019 Update

Although I haven’t updated this project in quite some time, as a writer myself, I still remember it fondly and was going through the reviews earlier. It was heartening to see people voice appreciation of the app’s inclusion of nonbinary gender identities and respond politely to critical comments. I’ve been busy lately but I’ve decided I’ll try to return to this project, as a way of showing thanks to everyone who’s supported it so far.

Get Character Generator for Google Assistant here!

Last updated: 6/30/17

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