AlarmTube: turn YouTube into your alarm clock

- 1 min

Wake up or fall asleep to YouTube videos, with three modes:

LULLABY: quickly schedule some videos to fall asleep to. The videos are picked at random from a pre-defined category (e.g. music), with a pre-defined search keyword (e.g. “lullaby”), and lasts for a pre-defined amount of time. These can be changed to your preference in the settings.

WAKE-UP: a similar shortcut to schedule videos to wake you up. The videos are picked according to another set of a pre-defined category, keyword, and length, which can also be changed in the settings.

ALL-PURPOSE: for any other miscellaneous time-sensitive events. Category, keyword, and length aren’t pre-defined; you choose them every time you set an alarm.

Additionally, alarms can be:

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